To support the development of Zed, we ask you to pay money to ensure further development. Zed's creator recently switched to working on working on Zed as his day job on a mission to speed up development and support the project better. He needs to feed his family. For this, we need money.

Zed is more than an editor project, it is also a test case in the sustainability of open source through voluntary contributions. This is a dream for many, can it be done?

We currently have three ways to support Zed financially.

For users:

  • Gittip. With gittip you commit to a weekly donation. A weekly contribution of $1-$5 (or whatever it's worth to you) would go a long way to make the project sustainable.
  • Paypal: if you prefer to make a one-time donation (or at the pace you're comfortable with) you can send your donations via Paypal to
  • Bitcoin. By now you must have heard of this digital currency. You can send your donations to the address: 16sykahXZSXsbiMgg1CyjRVbyG7y95wLR6

For companies:

  • Sponsorship: work for a company that wants to contribute to open source? Zed has a big audience of ahead-of-the-curve developers. Sponsors are displayed with logo and link on every page of the Zed website. Interested? [Get in touch][5].


Isn't Zed open source, why should I pay?

While the Zed software is free to use and play with, its development is not free. Zed is now the day-time job of creator Zef Hemel, and he has a family to feed. To ensure he can keep spending his time on this project, we need to generate a regular income for the project.