The Changelog: 1.1.0

This is a big one: we have yet another way to edit files in Zed: Zedd. No, that's not a typo. Zedd is the Zed daemon, a process you can run to expose a file system to Zed that offers a bit more flexibility, most importantly: the ability to run external programs (think: linters, git etc.). Yep, finally! This new ability to run external programs is now supported in Zedd projects as well as Local Folder projects in the Standalone version. In other projects, all commands that require this feature will simply be hidden.

The Zedd webpage describes how to set up Zedd on your machine (local or remote), but the short answer is:

sudo npm install -g zedd

Here's the full changelog:

  • New project type: Zedd Folder (for editing of local and remote files), see for more details on how and when to use this.
  • Support for running external tools in Zedd projects as well as Standalone local folder projects. This enables new commands and packages like:
    • Tools:External:Insert Command Output
    • Tools:External:Filter Selection Through Command
    • Package (included by default): git-tools which exposes commands like:
      • Git:Grep
      • Git:Add
      • Git:Commit
      • Git:Diff
      • Git:Status
      • Git:Blame
  • Chrome App only: ability to just open one or a few files (rather than a whole folder)
  • Zed version number now visible in project picker
  • Theme split: you can now configure your "window theme" and "editor theme" separately (by TheKiteEatingTree)
  • Multiple sandboxes: many tasks (such as checking, code completion) now happen in separate sandboxes (= threads) to speed up certain tasks. Sandboxes are automatically cleaned up after a timeout.
  • Better handling of projects that are no longer accessible (removed from recent project list when opened and alert window)
  • Modes:
    • JSX mode (React) updated to 0.12