The Changelog: v0.11 -- First Standalone Release

When I announced that I would start working on Zed as my day job I committed to one "feature" immediately: a standalone version -- a version you can use without having Chrome installed. Well, barely 2 weeks later, here it is! There may still be bugs here and there, but there's an auto-update feature, so hopefully we can quickly resolve bugs without too much work with re-downloading for you.

Bonus feature: Are you a Vim fan? Zed now has vim keybindings (see changelog below).

First, a little update with the funding situation. The good news is that we broke the $100/week barrier on Gittip. That's fantastic, but not nearly enough to make this project sustainable (we need roughly 10x that). So if you're a happy Zed user, consider supporting the project financially.

Let me get right to the download links. If you're using the Chrome version (as now more than 15k people are!), you should be getting 0.11 within a few hours. If you want to try out the standalone version, here are the download links. Note: these may still be propagating through our CDN -- thanks MaxCDN! If the links don't work for you yet, try again in a few hours!

Here's the changelog for 0.11.0:

  • Standalone:
    • First release of Zed standalone! I'm sure there will still be bugs, please report them on github when you find them.
    • Open individual files or directories from the command line by calling "zed [dir]" or "zed [file]". On Mac, please install the CLI tools via the Tools:Install Mac CLI or the native Tools menu in the Mac app to use this.
  • Multiple keybindings support. That's right, we now have Vim and Emacs keybindings. Use the Configuration:Preferences:KeyBinding:* commands to switch between them. (by nightwing)
  • New commands:
    • File:Copy (by iElectric)
  • Language modes:
    • Python now has CTags indexing (by gholstla)
    • Ability to switch off certain CSSLint options (by conradz)
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed a bug where when the project history is empty, no new projects are added.

Thanks to all who contributed!