The Changelog: 0.11.1

This is the first update to be pushed for both the Chrome and Standalone version, so we'll be finding out if auto-update works in the standalone version!

Before we get to the changes in this release, a little update on the funding situation. Last time we crossed the $100/week mark on Gittip and there is has been some growth, but not that much -- we're currently at $108/week, which is still way off from making this project sustainable. So, if you're a Zed user, consider buying!

Both the Chrome and Standalone version should be upgraded automatically. If you somehow can't wait for the standalone version to self-update, feel free to download it again from the download page.

This release saw even more growth in community contributions. I'm very excited about this -- Zed is really becoming a team effort.

Here's the changelog for 0.11.1:

  • New auto save (which should be friendlier for people using build systems with file watchers). The new version always saves when switching between splits and files and when the editor loses focus. What's new is the ability to switch off timed saves (set to saveTimeout to 0 to disable).
  • Commands to move splits around: (Split:Move To *)
  • New splits now receive focus automatically
  • Version number now appears in project picker
  • Fixes to file tree (by eltuerto)
  • Sandbox messages now appear in zed::log for standalone version
  • Configuration now uses JSON5 format (which supports comments etc.)
  • Fix to trim remote URLs when pasting (by surma)
  • ZPM auto update fixes
  • Scroll past end preference (scrollPastEnd) (by TheKiteEatingTree)
  • Modes:
    • PHP mode now includes a parser and reports parse errors
    • Livescript mode (by maninalift)
    • Groovy mode (by calebmpeterson)
    • JSX mode
    • Improved Markdown preview styling (by ghotsla)

Thanks to all who contributed!